Cardiff Canton Diesel Depot Golden Anniversary Edition
ISBN: 978-0-9552354-7-4

Cardiff Canton Diesel Depot Golden Anniversary Edition Front Cardiff Canton Diesel Depot Golden Anniversary Edition Back

Originally published in 2006 the first print run of this publication sold out within 12 months. In 2014, to celebrate the golden anniversary of the depot opening in 1964 I have decided to produce a limited print run of a second edition with a few updates included, “Cardiff Canton Diesel Depot and Locomotive duties Golden anniversary edition”.

I was fortunate enough to work at Cardiff Canton depot as a Shift Production Engineer on the Diesel Locomotive side of things during the mid to late 1980’s. During this time I took a large number of photos and following the closure of the depot by EWS in 2004 I decided to put them to good use. Along with other contributors such as Brian Penney who was actually working at the depot when it opened in 1964 and acted as one of the guides for the guests, Ian Walmsley and Andrew Skinner who worked on the depot during various periods in the 1970’s and 90’s and Colin Webb who provided several views of Canton Loco’s in action, I have managed to put together a good record of the depot during the 40 years it was in operation.

Titled “Cardiff Canton Diesel Depot and Locomotive Duties” the book was produced as a tribute to one of the UK’s most important Traction Maintenance Depot’s. This was the first title to be published by “Ty Mawr Publications”. Comprising 96 pages in soft back with over 150 colour as well as a few black and white images. None of the colour views have been published previously and I hope they give a good representation of the depot history.

The book is broken down into several main sections, a sample page from each can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

  • Depot history
  • Description of the site, maintenance facilities, plan etc
  • Details of some major repairs carried out during its history
  • The people who worked there, shift arrangements and manning
  • Special occasions, locomotive namings, repaints etc
  • Prototypes locomotives allocated to Canton
  • Incidents, withdrawals and collision damage
  • Duties and workings undertaken by Canton’s fleet with each class represented

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